“IM A BEAST”! A statement of being the best at whatever you do! Who decides if you’re a BEAST? You do! “IM A BEAST” is not a slogan, but a lifestyle. Being a BEAST is a mindset and an attitude that crosses cultural lines and international barriers. Regardless of culture and country of origin, our brand speaks to and empowers the BEAST in all of us.

This brand compels you to take your game to the next level.  To become a winner, you must believe in yourself. Dominate the competition and tell the world you cannot be tamed when wearing your IM A BEAST APPAREL, that was created for people who refuse to give up!

A Passion and a Purpose

Everyone has something that they are passionate about, which gives them a purpose…. hence, IM A BEAST APPAREL was born.  Let our products be a constant reminder of the BEAST that you truly are, and what your purpose is. Find a product today that matches your particular style, and that compliments who you are!


One final important fact that we would like known about IM A BEAST APPAREL, is that we donate to various causes and support the fight against Cancer, Autism, Down Syndrome, Congenital Amputation, and Multiple Sclerosis.